"Arbalists are a terrifying foe. The deadly bolts of these ranged fighters are devastating to attacking cavalry."

The Arbalist, often abbreviated by "arb", is a defensive cavalry, often found in dedicated cavalry cities. They are stronger than Vanquisher and Rangers, but more expensive to enlist.


Space needed: 2

Food needed per unit per day: 10

Travel speed: 10

Carry capacity: 15

Attack: 40 

Defense against Infantry: 40

Defense against Cavalry: 90

Defense against Mystic: 30

Defense against Artillery: 40

Building Requirements: Level 5 Stables

Cost: 150 Wood and 200 Gold per unit


  • Although they are often enlisted in dedicated cavalry cities, it is wise to send Arbalists to reinforce a city being attacked by cavalry, as Arbalists have high defense against cavalry units.
  • Although the game states that they are a defensive unit, they can be used for raiding Caverns and attacking other players.
  • As with most cavalry, they are fairly expensive to enlist.