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Welcome to the Crown of the Gods Wiki

Crown of the Gods™ is an MMORTS by Gaming Addict Studios, Inc., a small group of gaming addicts striving to make a game for and by strategy gamers.

What Makes CotG Different from other MMORTS?

  1. CotG is not pay-to-win. The Charisma system severely limits the impact money has on the game, and a player can do very well without money at all.
  2. There is an end goal: Games should last less than 6 months. This isn't a MOBA, but relatively short games allow players to wipe the slate clean and test new strategies.

CotG features real time combat (land and naval), empire building, a robust trading system, over 18 different troop types, and 31 different building types that allow for in-depth city planning. CotG has an extensive alliance system that heavily promotes team play, online chat, and forums. The game's Beta is in English, but live servers will be in multiple languages once the Beta servers are complete. There are many different paths to becoming a Champion of the Gods: you can be a peaceful merchant, a feared plunderer, a destroyer of cities, or even rise in the ranks of your alliance and lead other players in a massive war. As the game progresses, CotG also features sophisticated automation tools to reduce micromanagement.

Developmental Timeline

The game is currently in Open Beta! No Keys required to join the world! Sever is following standard speed/cavern raiding parameters. Open Beta 1 opened on Jan, 23rd, 2016 and will continue on until 3 alliances are crowned "Champions of the Gods"!

Latest activity

News and Current Events
  • 11 December 2015: Feral Platypi Win Beta 3

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