"Guards represent the law in your city. These dedicated soldiers are the first line of defense."

Guards are a basic defensive unit. They are the first "troop" type that will be unlocked, as the tutorial makes you build a Guard House. Cities with Guards and Guard Houses are often classified as "noobs" due to the fact that Guards will only defend, and cannot be used for raiding Caverns or participating in Plunders or Assaults.


Guards have some fairly unique traits. They can only be used for defense; they cannot be sent into a battle, even a Cavern raid, as the option does not appear. They also do not increase your army size and therefore can be enlisted limitlessly without having to build or upgrade Barracks. They require 100 Wood per unit to be enlisted, which is 60 Wood cheaper than the Ranger.


  • Do not enlist Guards at all. Demolish the Guard House that the tutorial makes you build to get the building slot and res back. They may be cheap, however they cannot be sent to fight and are fairly weak. Rangers are better units to enlist; they do not cost much more to enlist and are much more useful.