Basic Resources Edit

Wood, Stone, Iron, and Food are the four basic resources in CotG. They can be obtained from the corresponding resource buildings (Wood is also produced in a small amount by each city's Basilica). Basic resources can be obtained through PvP Combat, raiding dungeons, attacking bosses, trading on the marketplace, and giving. All basic resources are stored in the Basilica and Warehouses. Each basic resource is also associated with a specialty building which can increase storage and production of that resource when located correctly.


Wood Edit

Wood is produced by the Basilica and Forester's Huts and is associated with Sawmills. Wood is the main building material for most buildings that are not Cabins or military-related.


Stone Edit

Stone is produced by Stone Mines and is associated with Mason's Huts. Stone is the main building material for Cabins and military buildings, including Barracks, troop recruitment buildings, city defenses, and the Castle.


Iron Edit

Iron is produced by Iron Mines and is associated with Smelters. Iron is used to recruit many troops.


Food Edit

Food is produced by Farm Estates and is associated with Grain Mills. Food is used to feed troops.

Gold Edit


Gold is produced by Villas. Gold is different from the four basic resources in that all gold is stored independent of the location it is obtained. There is a single, unlimited gold storage for your whole empire. Gold may be obtained like the basic resources through raiding caverns, attacking bosses, and selling in the marketplace; although gold may NOT be obtained through plundering or sent directly to other players.

Refined Resources Edit

The four refined resources are made from the four basic resources in a ratio of 1000 (basic resource) = 1 (refined resource):

Basic Resource Wood Stone Iron Food
Refined Resource Lumber Marble Steel Wine
Refined Icon

Resource refinement requires a level 10 Sorcerer's Tower. Refined resources are used for Research, including Title Advancement.

Refined resources are stored similarly to gold: your empire has a single, city-independent, unlimited storage for each refined resource. Since refined resources (and gold) can't be plundered, a common strategy is to refine all the resources in a city right before an attack.

Refined resources are also obtained through PvP Combat.