Scouting is the act of raiding a city with only Scouts. It may provide purified resources depending on how many Scouts your troops kill, if any, and will provide a report detailing information about the city.

Information provided Edit

The information provided in a Scout report depends on how much resistance your Scouts met.

  • If all of your Scouts were killed in the attack, no information is displayed.
  • Having more Scouts will display the troops, resources and buildings depending on how many of your Scouts survived.

Tips Edit

When Scouting a city where the number of troops is unknown, send about 50-150 Scouts, especially if the city has a high score. In fact, how many Scouts you send depends solely on the score. For extremely low score cities that are unlikely to have any Scouts, you may use only 10 or maybe even a single Scout. For better cities, that have about 500-5000 score, a group of about 50-150 scouts is best. If the score has over 8000-15000 score, 1000-2000 Scouts would be best.