A Siege is an attack used to kill enemy troops and drain food supplies. If a Senator is present, the castle of the player who is being sieged can also be captured.

Claim Edit

Every hour, the rate of claim will go up. When the claim reaches 100%, the city is captured. If the attacking Senator is killed during the siege, the claim will stay still until either the attacker retreats or another Senator arrives.

A good strategy is to assault the castle in question, followed by a siege, assaulting to rid the castle of any reinforcements that may arrive.

Tips Edit

  • Stay away from castles with higher score. If they seem better than you, they probably are. Of course, you are more than welcome to try if you are feeling risky.
  • Sending two Senators does not increase the rate at which claim is gained, however it will stop claim from being halted if one Senator dies.

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