Aschendal is a land ruled over by eight Gods - Evara, Vexemis, Ibria, Merius, Ylanna, Naera, Cyndros and Domdis.

Every man and woman of Aschendal dreams of becoming the next Champion of the Gods - the one who is blessed above all others, by all eight of the Gods. The path to becoming a Champion is a most difficult one, however!

  • When you first land in Aschendal, it is important that you expand your empire, in order to support and defend yourself!
  • As you expand your empire, you will found many more cities, some of which you can build into castles, in order to fight against other players.
  • To hope to ultimately obtain the elusive title of the Champion of the Gods, it is important you join an alliance - either by founding your own one, or by joining an existing one.
  • As the game progresses, strange monuments on the world map will gradually begin to awaken - becoming shrines, each one dedicated to one of the eight Gods of Aschendal!
  • There are eight of these mysterious monuments on each continent. A God will only ever have one shrine dedicated to him/her, per continent!
  • Castles that are built close to these shrines will have a chance of becoming Blessed by the God of that shrine, so long as the castle owner is part of an alliance. A new castle will be Blessed by a God at an awakened shrine once every day or so, and will remain Blessed for 3 days.
  • When a castle is Blessed by a God, the alliance has the opportunity to build the castle into a level 1 Temple honoring that God. Certain amounts of wood and stone need to be sent to the castle by the players fellow alliance members, within 3 days of the Blessing beginning. Once the Temple construction criteria have been met, construction of a level 1 Temple can begin.
  • As Temples are repeatedly favored by the God at the shrine in their area, the alliance can keep sending wood and stone and building the Temple up in level, all the way up to level 10.
  • The more Temples an alliance has, and the higher the Temples' levels - the more Loyalty the alliance has to that God. This alliance Loyalty will become important as your Temples reach higher levels, as high levelled Temples belonging to alliances with low Loyalty to a particular God, cannot continue to get Blessed. For example, for a level 9 Temple to become Blessed in order to build it to level 10, an alliance must already have 96% Loyalty to that God!

The first alliance to build eight level 10 Temples, one honoring each of the eight Gods of Aschendal, will be crowned the Champions of the Gods! They alone will be victorious, and leave their enemies far behind!

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