"These formidable warriors fight for glory and honour. The charge of an enraged Vanquisher has been known to send entire platoons into disarray."

The Vanquisher is an offensive Infantry unit. It is the first offensive troop type that will be unlocked, and is often used in large groups due to being fairly cheap to enlist, yet effective in large numbers.

It is often abbreviated as "vanq".

Tips Edit

  • Vanquisher are one of the cheapest troops to enlist. They require only a level 1 Training Arena and 150 Iron per unit to enlist, so it good to have plenty of Vanquishers at hand for a large attack.
  • A dedicated infantry city often has many Barracks placed next to Training Arenas, which can make Vanquishers incredibly fast to enlist, as fast as 2 seconds per unit.
  • Cities that contain different types of troops, i.e mystic, infantry and cavalry, and not recommended. Stick with one troop type per city, and reinforce with others.